For prospective students interested in scattering amplitudes below are some useful resources.

Reviews and books: There is a nice book by Henriette Elvang and Yutin Huang which is also available as a preprint on arxiv. There is another book by Johannes Henn and Jan Plefka, as well as review by Lance Dixon and Cliff Cheung. For those interested in the Grassmannian approach we also published a more specialized book available also as the preprint.

Lectures: There is a countless number of lectures on youtube. Last year I also gave more general lectures on the Asian winter school in Okinawa, and Amplitudes school in Beijing.

Workshops: Another useful source of information are slides from focused workshops and conferences. There is an annual Amplitudes conference, as well as smaller meetings. In 2016, there was “MHV@30” at Fermilab, “QCD meets gravity” in Edinburgh and UCLA, “New formulations for scattering amplitudes” in Munich, and many others.

Some of my older talks and lectures on various topics in amplitudes: